Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan are reportedly negotiating to join the cast of Beef Season 2

Rumor has it that Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan are in negotiations to join the cast of Netflix’s Beef Season 2.

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Do Oscar Isaac (Dune: Part One, Moon Knight, Ex Machina) and Carey Mulligan (Promising Young Woman, The Great Gatsby, Saltburn) have beef with one another? No, not exactly. According to Deadline, the duo is negotiating to star in Beef Season 2. While Netflix refused to comment about its status with the Emmy darling, it’s an excellent time to remind everyone that Netflix has not officially announced Beef Season 2. Deadline says the roles that Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan would play for Beef Season 2 were originally for Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, but momentum on them joining the series stalled. Meanwhile, the move to add Charles Melton and Cailee Spaeny to the series remains a mystery.

Lee Sung Jin created Beef, which Ali Wong and Steven Yeun led. The show revolves around two people (Wong and Yeun) who let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their thoughts and actions. Their toxic relationship evolves into an all-out war with disastrous consequences. Beef received 14 Emmy nominations, winning 8, including the awards for Outstanding Casting for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, Outstanding Directing for a Limited Anthology Series, Outstanding Picture Editing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for Ali Wong, and more.

Oscar Isaac is involved in several projects, including The King of Kings and In the Hand of Dante, which are each in post-production. Isaac voices Jesus Christ in The King of Kings, an animated story about Jesus Christ as told by Charles Dickens through the eyes of a child. In the Hands of Dante follows the dark and violent path of a man who plunges into a metaphorical hell until he reaches paradise in search of his forbidden and impossible love. The cast for In the Hands of Dante is madness, with Gerard Butler, Jason Momoa, Al Pacino, Gal Gadot, Martin Scorsese, and John Malkovich making the trek through the layers of Hell.

Elsewhere, Carey Mulligan is teaming up with Laika Studios for the upcoming stop-motion animated feature Wildwood. She voices Alexandra in the Travis Knight-directed film. The story is told from multiple points of view, and the book features more than eighty illustrations, including six full-color plates. In Wildwood, Prue and her friend Curtis uncover a secret world amid violent upheaval—a world full of warring creatures, peaceable mystics, and powerful figures with the darkest intentions. What begins as a rescue mission becomes something much greater as the two friends find themselves entwined in a struggle for the very freedom of this wilderness. A wilderness the locals call Wildwood.

Source: Deadline

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