Bill & Ted co-creator has a crazy Night Stalker story

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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The latest true crime obsession is the 4-part docuseries on Netflix called Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, which details the heinous crime spree of serial killer Richard Ramirez in the '80s. The docuseries is quite well-done and makes you second guess whether or not you locked your doors and windows at night but this latest story has made it intersect, oddly enough, with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Screenwriter Ed Solomon, who co-created Bill & Ted, was once suspected of being the infamous Night Stalker and he's talking about being questioned by the police about the murders.

Solomon took to his Twitter page to reveal that during the summer of 1985, he was receiving calls asking him if he was the Night Stalker. He believed that the calls were a prank but he soon learned that the calls were from a reporter and the reporter had information that he was a prime suspect in the case. It wasn't too long until cops actually came to his place and actually questioned him about his potential involvement. You can check out Solomon's Twitter reveal below:

Even though Solomon's ideal with the police was only about five minutes, it is interesting that he even popped up on their radar for even that long. Now that that the Night Stalker docuseries is one of Netflix's most popular titles right now, Solomon felt the need to share the story and his short brush with the actual investigation. If true crime docs are your thing, I'd highly recommend Night Stalker. It's told more from the perspective of the detectives and the victims rather than glorifying the killer, which is ofter the case with some of these documentaries and docuseries. One thing is clear, and that is it was a terrifying time to live in Los Angeles back in the summer of 1985.

What are YOUR thoughts on Solomon's story? Have YOU watched Night Stalker?

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