Bad Moon, Body Parts & more! Eric Red talks 4 fav scenes from his films!

ERIC RED is one of our favorite filmmakers here on Arrow in the Head. He started off with writing THE HITCHER (1986) and then took the helm as Director of some very badass horror films. From serial killers to werewolves, vampires, and ghosts, he has put his own unique spin on many of the most popular subjects in genre storytelling. A true Author filmmaker.

In our latest episode of MAKING OF WITH… Red gives us triva and shares behind the scenes juice on four of his favorite scenes out of his directorial projects: the hitman thriller COHEN AND TATE and the horror movies BODY PARTS, BAD MOON, and 100 FEET (which co stars Arrow in the Head head honcho John Fallon). Click the video embedded above and enjoy! Every budding filmmaker might learn a thing or two from this Master.

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The series started with sci-fi/action icon Matthias Hues having an in-depth conversation about his career and continued with an episode in which Patrick Lussier provided video commentary on four of his favorite scenes from movies he directed.

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