Robert Zemeckis’ WWII spy-romance film Allied gets new poster

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

While I've definitely been burned before (over and over again), I can't help myself. I still get excited whenever a new Robert Zemeckis project is announced. While I've been lukewarm to most of his recent efforts (like his "motion-capture" films that made his all-star casts look like Madame Tussauds wax figurines got the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM curse), he still gets a pass from me for BACK TO THE FUTURE alone, not to mention other classics like WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? and FORREST GUMP.  

Which brings us to his new film ALLIED. It stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as two spies in WWII, who spark a passionate love affair that's tested by the pressures of war and their own inherent distrust. Kind of like a classier, period version of MR. AND MRS. SMITH. 

Anyway, Paramount has just released a new poster for the film as the release date nears. Let's have a look, shall we:

I like it. It's classy, minimalist, and sells us on what we're paying to see: Pitt and Colliard boning. I mean, there are many films that were sold on much, much less. Sure, the film will be about much more than that (and probably won't actually have any nudity), but the sex appeal of two very pretty people being in love is the selling point of the movie, while the war and explosions are just a backdrop. Let's just hope this is an example of vintage Zemeckis, and not POLAR EXPRESS Zemeckis.  

ALLIED will sneak into theaters November 23rd, 2016.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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