Bradley Cooper has thought about doing a live reading of A Star is Born

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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A STAR IS BORN came out in October, made a wheel barrel of cash, went on to win a slew of awards *and then* star/director Bradley Cooper and star Lady Gaga brought down the Oscar house with a magical performance of the song "Shallow". All these months later people are still talking about the movie, and after it already went back into theaters for an encore presentation, Cooper said he’s toyed with the idea of putting on a live event that would include a reading of the script and live performance of the songs. Yes…yes to all of that,


Cooper was talking with Ellen DeGeneres recently about the movie (via Entertainment Tonight) – including the Oscars performance and winning a Grammy for the song “Shallow”. He still seems blown away that his directorial debut, which also saw him singing for the first time, has done so well. Ellen then asked Cooper if he would keep the show going with a tour of the movie’s soundtrack, which has done gangbusters in its own right. He responded with a quick, “I mean, no,” but revealed he’s had other ideas for how they could showcase the story.

"But what I thought would be a cool thing to do, maybe one night, would be like a live reading of the script and sing all the songs as we read the script, like at the Hollywood Bowl or something."


Okay, so clearly this is no indication something like this is in the works. It would require immense amounts of planning, which would be harder to figure out given the schedules of Cooper, Gaga and the rest of the cast. And really, you can’t do this without all of them there. On top of that, you got the musical setup because like hell you’re going to perform those songs without a full band and light show. It would be like a compelling stage play and a genuine rock concert all in one.

Still, it would be pretty fantastic to see something like this come to life. Getting to see Gaga do her big "Shallow" moment would bring the damn house down, and it would remain down because everyone would also get to see the legend Sam Elliott on stage alongside her. Yep, this all needs to happen. 

Source: ET

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