Bryan Bertino’s The Dark and the Wicked will begin filming soon

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

The Strangers Bryan Bertino

THE STRANGERS writer/director Bryan Bertino handed the directorial duties on THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT over to Johannes Roberts, but now he's gearing up to direct another film himself and is currently in pre-production on a project called THE DARK AND THE WICKED.

Although filming had originally been scheduled to take place in Texas during October and November of last year, Production Weekly now reports that THE DARK AND THE WICKED could be going into production next month.

Bertino's screenplay tells the following story: 

When their father appears to be on the brink of death, Louise and her brother Michael are summoned back to the family farm, in the middle of nowhere, to await the inevitable. But what initially appears to be a timeless ritual of loss and remembrance turns out to be something very different indeed.

That does sound like a Bertino story. He likes to have his characters dealing with personal drama before the horror element ever enters the picture.

THE DARK AND THE WICKED is being produced by Adrienne Biddle, Sonny Mallhi, and Kevin Matusow.

Since THE STRANGERS Bertino has also directed MOCKINGBIRD and THE MONSTER

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