Bullock Expendable?

Will Sylvester Stallone’s action flick THE EXPENDABLES be a great movie… or the greatest movie?

So far, Sly has lined up Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker and Randy Couture for his tale of mercenaries on a mission to take down an evil dictator. Will he also be reuniting with his spunky (and still quite desirable) DEMOLITION MAN partner Sandra Bullock?

That’s what we’ve heard from someone who’s worked on several Stallone projects, including this one. And while it’s not a “done deal”, Sly is apparently indeed pursuing her for the project. Bullock would play a government agent (paired up with Whitaker) on the hunt for Stallone’s crew of hired guns. Delicious. Thanks to ‘Belly’ for the tip!

But wait — there’s more! My boy Clint over (or Down Under, more accurately) at Moviehole scored some character breakdowns from the flick, including verification/speculation as to which actors are in the roles. He also describes the movie as “CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER on acid”, which only serves to make me dizzy with excitement. Check out all the details RIGHT HERE!

Source: JoBlo

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