Casino (1995) – WTF REALLY Happened To This Movie?

In this new spinoff of JoBlo’s popular “WTF” series, we dive into movies that are based on TRUE STORIES, real people and actual events from history. Our research finds us digging through available evidence to determine the FACT and FICTION of what Hollywood put on the screen. Do the depicted scenes and details carry a whiff of truth… or a strong scent of BULLS#!T? In other words… “WTF REALLY Happened To This Movie?!?”

In our debut episode, we take a look at director Martin Scorsese’s 1995 mob epic CASINO, a fact-based account of real-life casino boss Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal (Robert De Niro) and his literal partner in crime, mafia enforcer Anthony Spilotro (Joe Pesci).  It’s the sprawling tale of a gambling empire filled with all the greed, deceit and homicide you might expect from the seedy side of ‘70s Las Vegas. How closely did Scorsese stick to the truth? Place your bets and find out in “WTF REALLY Happened to CASINO”!

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