Chad Michael Collins takes the lead in Orson Scott Card series Extinct

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Chad Michael Collins, star of the SNIPER action franchise, the upcoming werewolf biker film HOWLERS, and the "predatory mutants" series Freakish, has added another intriguing project to his slate, signing on to play lead character Ezra in the sci-fi series Extinct.

Created by ENDER'S GAME author Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, Extinct is set 

centuries after the human race has been annihilated by an alien incursion. Ezra and a small group of humans find themselves brought back to life to try and restore the human race and end the alien threat that drove mankind to extinction. 

Ezra is the natural leader of the Reborns, or the humans chosen for de-extinction because of their unique skills and personality traits. A loving husband and devoted father, Ezra will do whatever is necessary to restore his family and the human race at large.

Collins is joined in the cast by Victoria Atkin, Yorke Fryer, Jaclyn Hales, Nic Luken, and Matthew Bellows.

Card and Johnston are producing Extinct through their production shingle Taleswapper. The show is also being produced by, and will be distributed by, the cable/satellite channel BYUtv, which streams all of its live content online at

Adam Abel and Ryan Little of Go Films serve as co-producers, with Little also directing the pilot.

Extinct is anticipated to receive a 10 episode first season series order. If so, it will air first on all BYUtv outlets before living on at a digital streaming platform, much like BYUtv's first scripted drama Granite Flats is now available on Netflix.

Here's hoping that Extinct does receive that series order, because the "Stargate meets The Walking Dead" description of this show sounds very cool to me.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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