Check out the cover of the new making-of Cujo book Nope, Nothing Wrong Here

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Recently one of my favorite genre queens Dee Wallace posted the above behind-the-scenes of CUJO pic to her twitter. I have included her official tweet below, in the name of thoroughness, but, yeah, you can check it out above. 

That sh*t is funny. 

I love a good behind the scenes pic and/or story, so this got me thinking about the planned "making-of CUJO" book I had heard tell of a few weeks back. How is the book progressing, I thought. Turns out the book just this very day posted its cover design to its official Facebook page!

Here's the official statement:

OK! Here it is! The cover for the upcoming book Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of CUJO! Hope you like it!

I wanted the cover to be reminiscent of the first edition of the Stephen King novel from Viking Press, but with the dog's portrait to be more realized as represented in Lewis Teague's superb film. The layout, font and design is by maverick Darren Cotzabuyucas and the Cujo painting is by the brilliant Michael Broom. 

Pre-Order link will be coming soon….

You can check out the cover for NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF CUJO below, and the Facebook page HERE.  Also, just for fun, I have included another fun behind the scenes pic I found on their Facebook account, and a cool 43 min making-of CUJO video below.

It's CUJO day here on AITH! Evidently… Enjoy! 

Damn, E.T.'s mom…

Source: Facebook

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