Christian Bale’s Batman audition and Christopher Nolan’s pitch to Warner Bros. for Batman Begins

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Do you remember when Christopher Nolan was first announced as the director for a new Batman movie? How about when Christian Bale was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne? At the time, I couldn't have been a happier movie nerd. Nolan's MEMENTO was what essentially turned me into a movie geek and I loved Bale due to his performance in AMERICAN PSYCHO. THE DARK KNIGHT might get the most love and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is generally considered the weakest film in the trilogy, but it all started with BATMAN BEGINS.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition goes on sale tomorrow, and a couple of extras from it have made their way online that focus on the first film in the trilogy and the beginning of Christopher Nolan's vision for the vigilante. The first video is Christian Bale's screen test for Batman that also has some comments by Christopher Nolan and others, and it's interesting that they bring up Bale's Batman voice since it became such a touchy subject with fans in the sequels. The second video is about Christopher Nolan's pitch to Warner Bros. for a Batman origins movie. Both videos are pretty interesting, and for me anyway it brought me right back to how pumped I was when BATMAN BEGINS was first announced.

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