Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine to team up as father and son for Horrible Bosses 2

I was optimistic about HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 initially, now I’m giddy.

Christoph Waltz has signed on for the sequel, and will team up with Chris Pine. The two will play a “horrible boss” father-son duo set of terrorizing the gang. This is going to be great.

There are no other details on the plot at this moment. But from this it does seem like they might be going back to the formula used in the first film. That’s a maybe. Certainly there’s to it than that. Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston are also close to boarding the second installment so will they be back to make lives miserable?

Pine was already in place as the son with Waltz being the first choice to play the father. Initially it was thought that Waltz might have scheduling issues so his casting status was in limbo over the past few months. Thankfully they got him. Let’s hope he goes toe to toe with Spacey.

HORRIBLE BOSSES will hits theaters on November 28, 2015.

Source: Variety

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