Christopher McQuarrie to direct the live action adaptation of anime series Star Blazers

Christopher McQuarrie may be directing MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 for Bad Robot and Skydance, but the writer turned director also has a potential franchise starter on the horizon as well. McQuarrie has been announced as the director of the live action version of the anime series STAR BLAZERS. While he was already working on the screenplay for the film, McQuarrie is now helming the flick as well.

STAR BLAZERS was the American version of the anime series SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO. American version in this case indicates a POWER RANGERS type of remake where the visuals were the same as the original with the dialogue completely changed for the English language interpretation.

In the futuristic Star Blazers, Earth’s atmosphere has been obliterated by a distant alien race, and the survivors have one year before radiation will reach their underground refuge and wipe out the human race. The survivors get a shot of hope in the form of alien technology that can deliver a small crew across the universe and back with the means to stave off extinction.

STAR BLAZERS lasted for three seasons but has a cult following that exists to this day. Disney owned the rights to the series for the last few decades with the intention to make a kid’s scifi franchise. Those familiar with the cartoon know the subject matter is very adult and the series remained unadapted for years. In 2011, Skydance gained the rights and now we are here with this news.

McQuarrie’s work as a writer on THE USUAL SUSPECTS, VALKYRIE, and THE WAY OF THE GUN showed his skills with the written word. While JACK REACHER didn’t do as well as hoped last year, his directing prowess grew. I have good feelings about both MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 and now STAR BLAZERS. There is no release or production date for STAR BLAZERS, but expect it to be McQuarrie’s next film after M:I 5. Here’s hoping they get a good cast.

Source: Deadline

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