Civil War writers want to bring Namor & Marvel Zombies to the big screen

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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THR recently caught up with CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR screenwriters Steve McFeely and Chris Markus, and during their interview, the duo (who will be back to pen both of the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR films) were asked which characters they'd like to see in a future Marvel movie. McFeely said he'd love to bring Namor the Sub-Mariner into the MCU, while Markus is all about Marvel Zombies.

McFeely on Namor:

Namor. He is kind of a jerk and has a chip on his shoulder and he is a king and lives underwater. The degree of difficulty is so high, though. Cause it could be a great movie or it could be truly terrible.

Markus on Marvel Zombies:

I think it would be cool to make a Marvel Zombies movie but that would require a whole other wing or, at least, another dimension.

Based on Kevin Feige's comments from a few years ago, I highly doubt a live-action Marvel Zombies flick will ever happen, however an animated movie based on the comics could work. As for Namor, it's believed that Marvel does have the film rights back to the sea-dweller, but apparently things are still complicated, and there's been no word on if the studio has any solid future movie plans for the character. Which do you think is more likely to happen: Namor joining the MCU or an adaptation of Marvel Zombies?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR hits theaters this Friday.

Source: THR

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