Comic-Con 2012: James Bond comes to Comic-Con for the first time!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

When you’re as nuts about the famous MI6 agent as I am, news that the franchise will be making its first appearance at Comic-Con is enough to make my head cave in. Since as far back as I can remember into my childhood right up to the moment that I’m writing this article and beyond, I’ve been a die-hard James Bond fan. From the different actors playing the legendary part to the booze, women, gadgets, cars, exotic locations, destruction and epic puns, there’s nothing about agent 007 that is boring. I for one am nearly pissing myself in anticipation for the release of SKYFALL in November which marks the third time Craig has played the part and in the hands of director Sam Mendes, I think we’re in for a treat.

With that being said, the actual panel itself for James Bond ran every single day at Comic-Con 2012 where fans could pre-order the upcoming 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray set (pictured below), get your photo taken with one of the famous vehicles from the movies which were on display throughout the length of the panel and finally take some cool swag with you including posters, etc. They also had some cool little props from the films (probably not original but one can dream) from the films which I took some photos of for you and can be seen later in the article. So go ahead and have a gander at the event below and watch for SKYFALL in theatres on November 9th.

The boat Bond used during the Thames chase in “THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH”


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