CON: South Park’s Ultimate Fan Experience

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

South Park has spent the past several years skewering pop culture, politics and everything in between. From the audacious to the ridiculous, the shows creators’ Matt Stone and Trey Parker offer up a shocking yet delightfully endearing half hour of comedy for your viewing pleasure.

Yet when it came to Comic Con 2011, this phenomenal series decided to celebrate the most important factor in the success of the show… the fans. Yes, 2011 is South Park’s Year of the Fan, and what a year it has been. On its fifteenth season, the idea to celebrate the audience comes at a fantastic time and place for both Stone and Parker. After all, they found huge success on Broadway with their Tony Award winning musical, “The Book of Mormon”, yet they are still making fans fond of the denizens of South Park, Colorado happy to tune in.

To help celebrate “The Year of the Fan”, just across from the San Diego Convention Center you’ll find the “Ultimate Fan Experience”. It is a magical place where you can get your face painted, including getting “Jennifer Lopez” on your fist! They also offered an art gallery, a “create a character booth”, food, fun and Butters. My personal favorite was the South Park Marching Band that traveled along the Downtown San Diego streets. The marching band features a wacky collaboration of pounding drums with a screaming conductor belting out an aggressive version of the South Park theme with a bunch of “Kennys”.

Jason Adams and I had the pleasure of visiting the South Park experience and while we weren’t able to check out everything, Jason had his handy-dandy camera to capture it all. So we leave you with a glimpse of what a real live South Park community would look like.


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