Composer Michael Giacchino goes from Lost to score Let Me In

When I was watching the last season of LOST, my friend used to sit behind me and laugh at the music. She claimed it was “overdramatic”.

This made me sad because I really enjoyed it. Yeah they played some of the same shit over, but I could always count on it to play in certain scenes.

So of course I was happy to find out that the composer for the series, Michael Giacchino would be scoring LET ME IN. Giacchino has actually composed scores for several movies and television series like UP, RATATOUILLE, ALIAS, STAR TREK, LAND OF THE LOST, THE INCREDIBLES, FRINGE, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III, and SPEED RACER. He’s also been nominated for several awards and scored a win with his work on UP.

Music for the original film, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN was composed by Johan Söderqvist. The score was hauntingly beautiful pitted against a chilling and unique tale. Speaking of the original, John Ajvide Lindqvist who wrote the book it was adapted from took the title from the Morrissey song, “Let the Right One Slip In”. The song itself is a reference to the vampire folklore that a vampire cannot come in unless invited. Lindqvist is a huge Morrissey fan.

To check out some of the original score, head here. If you are curious about the Morrissey song, head in this direction.

Source: Overture Films

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