Contracted’s Eric England starts a new company with Greenlight

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Greenlight Graham Denman

Eric England, who is probably best known for writing and directing the 2013 body horror film CONTRACTED, has teamed with Greg Blunden and Phil Malaspina to form TalkStory, a production and financing company that will focus on first-time and emerging filmmakers. The first TalkStory film is a horror-thriller titled GREENLIGHT, and Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first look at the project, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.

Produced by England and Rudy Scalese, GREENLIGHT is being directed by Graham Denman from a screenplay England wrote with Patrick R. Young. Chase Williamson, Shane Coffey, Caroline Williams (pictured below), Chris Browning, Evanne Friedmann, Nicole Shipley, and Victor Turpin star.

The film will tell the story of 

a young, starving artist who, after being offered the opportunity of a lifetime, must decide if he’s willing to bleed for his art when he learns that his new gig is a cover-up for a crime of passion.

Sounds like an interesting plot, and a solid cast has been assembled to bring it to life. It's always nice to see genre regular Caroline Williams (who was also in CONTRACTED) show up in something.

Entertainment Weekly got their hands on a batch of images from the film, a couple of which are included in this article. We'll keep you updated on GREENLIGHT and any other horrific TalkStory endeavors as more is revealed.

England and Denman previously collaborated on GET THE GIRL, which England directed and they both received story credit on.

Greenlight Graham Denman Caroline Williams


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