Cool Horror Videos: Creepy Christmas Eve short film The Harvest

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Straight from Colombia, your next nightmare is courtesy of THE HARVEST, a Christmas-themed short film directed by Jorge Jaramillo and written by Luis Fernando Mora. Using an animation style vaguely remisicent of the Claymation of all those classic specials, THE HARVEST paints a picture of a Christmas present that's a lot worse than coal.

On Christmas Eve, a little girl is woken up by a noise. Thinking it’s Saint Nicholas leaving her presents, she walks through the darkness of the living room, only to find that something has taken over her house. Now, she must try to escape before this evil presence gets her.

According to the filmmakers, the story combines the "Latin American myths of witches who transform into birds and the Icelandic legend of Gryla, a mythical ogress who stomps down from the mountains to hunt down naughty children and feast on their flesh." Krampus, eat your heart out!

Source: Arrow in the Head

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