Cool Horror Videos: Freddy Krueger has a Nightmare on Vape Street

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

I've been smoking cigarettes for many years and although I've attempted to stop smoking a couple of times (mostly because cigarettes are so damn expensive nowadays) I just can't quit. Each time I tried to put the cigs down I realize that I like smoking too much to give it up. But one thing I'll never, ever do is vape. I just can't do it, man. When I see people vaping I can't help but to laugh. It looks like their puffing on one of those Sonic Screwdrivers from "Doctor Who" and it cracks me up. Smoking may not be cool, but vaping just looks silly to me. But hey…to each his own, right?

But I wouldn't knock vaping to Freddy Krueger. He has shunned the cigs and jumped on the vaping bandwagon in this Cool Horror Video titled 'Nightmare on Vape Street', which comes at us from WTFLOL. Fans of Freddy will certainly get a kick out of this one as it captures the spirit of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films much better than the Platinum Dunes remake from a few years ago.

Source: WTFLOL

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