Cool Horror Videos: Proof-of-concept short for the feature film Hellyfish

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Directors Patrick Longstreth and Robert McLean are joining forces with Pod Intermedia LLC to produce a feature length version of their award-winning short HELLYFISH, which the filmmakers used as a proof-of-concept video to sell the idea of a horror/comedy creature feature in the vein of PIRANHA, TREMORS, and BIG ASS SPIDER!

The short can be viewed below and is a whole lot of fun, with Longstreth, McLean, and Longstreth's co-writer Kate Fitzpatrick establishing plenty in its thirteen minutes that could be fleshed out into a movie that's bigger and better. I'm looking forward to seeing these jellyfish rampage through a running time that's seven times longer, give or take. 

Check it out and see if you can imagine a 90 minute version of this concept:

Source: Horror-Movies

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