Cool Horror Videos: Short, Mancini-approved Chucky fan films

With its snowy exteriors and the story of a young boy receiving the possessed Chucky doll as a gift, the original CHILD'S PLAY is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Christmas movie, when little Andy Barclay actually receives Chucky as a birthday present. But if you want to see a Chucky movie that really is set around Christmas, Mexico-based filmmaker Rod Schneider has you covered with his short film CHUCKY: THE LAST CHRISTMAS STORY.

That short is embedded above and has the following synopsis: 

Christmas. Oh, what a lovely holiday! Full of joy and happiness, the perfect occasion to bring a family together and receive a thoughtful present. How about a red-haired doll? A good guy, for example… You wish you had only asked for clothes…

Soon after making CHUCKY: THE LAST CHRISTMAS STORY, Schneider went into production on another short CHILD'S PLAY fan film, DAMBALLA BOND: THE CHUCKY EFFECT

This one digs deeper into the idea that Andy was hanging out with Chucky's talking severed head for a while between the events of CURSE OF CHUCKY and CULT OF CHUCKY

Andy finally has Chucky where he wants him, on his desk. But, what goes next? What happens when your greatest enemy is in front of you? What happens when your greatest enemy is your only company?

What's really cool about Schneider's shorts is that they have caught the attention of Don Mancini, who has written all of the films in the CHILD'S PLAY series (except the remake), and directed a few of them. Mancini has praised Schneider's work as "incredible", and Schneider has also gotten compliments from franchise stars Fiona Dourif and Jennifer Tilly.

DAMBALLA BOND: THE CHUCKY EFFECT is embedded below. It features a great animatronic Chucky head, so I have also included a video that shows how that head was made. If you don't speak Spanish, you'll have to turn on the English subs for that behind the scenes video.

Source: Keep Rolling Productions

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