Cool Videos: Broken Toy, episodes 1-4

UPDATE: It’s been a while, but a new chapter in the BROKEN TOY series has been released, with Part 4 taking our mentally unstable protagonist in a new direction. Or at least to the beach.

You can check out the new part immediately below, or if you’re unfamiliar with the series (first launched last year), check out the synopsis and first three entries further down, and stay tuned to their SITE and YouTube channel for the next episode.

May 12, 2010: A few years ago I was pleasantly surprised by a tiny-budget indie called IN THE DARK, about amateur drug dealers in Hollywood. The people behind it are still rolling along with their latest DIY project, an action webseries called BROKEN TOY, about a seriously damaged piece of human equipment.

The backstory: Astounding progress has been made by the United States government in the development of the once-theoretical Mach 24 jet engine. Fast jets, however, need fast pilots and a program to re-engineer aviators with accelerated reflexes and neural pathways capable of flying these fighters has been a disaster. Four prime candidates were upgraded. All four died horrifically. A fifth — never meant as anything more than a disposable test subject — has unexpectedly survived the strain to his nervous system. Hunted and confused, he is now a violent fugitive on the run from his grave.

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Source: Forewarned Films

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