Cool Videos: David Hasselhoff performs the amazing title track for Kung Fury

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Back in 2013, we brought you the trailer for a Kickstarter campaign to make an 80s martial arts comedy called KUNG FURY. The reception was great and now the movie is set to debut this year and we have the official music video for the title track from the film.

Why would we share a music video for a small, crowdfunded movie? Because the music video is astoundingly perfect in every way possible. Starring David Hasselhoff sporting a mullet and a leather jacket, this video pulls together everything wrong with 80s movies in the best way imaginable. There are guns, mustaches, tattoos, splits, and dogs with glowing eyes. This video is amazing in the same way that movies like MIAMI CONNECTION are perfect.

Sit back, pump up the volume, and let the sultry sounds of The Hoff wash over you as you enjoy this video. KUNG FURY is set to be released May 2015.

Source: YouTube

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