Cool Videos: Dialect coach analyzes 32 accents from famous performances

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Some are good, some are terrible, but every actor does them at some point in their career. I’m talking about accents; whether they're foreign or just unique they’re more common than white bread in the movie world. But how do we separate the good from the bad? Unless you’re familiar with every region in every corner of the world you really can’t. That is unless you're a dialect coach to the stars, and you are actually familiar with most regions of the world, like Erik Singer. In this video, the man goes through 32 different accents done by actors in famous roles, dissecting them and giving his two cents. He tackles the great (Philip Seymour Hoffman in CAPOTE), the “it could be better” (Tom Cruise in FAR AND AWAY) and the horrendous (Kevin Costner, ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES). The video is quite long at almost 17 minutes but is terribly fascinating and informative, ensuring you’ll never look at movie accents the same way, and make you finally realize your English accent sucks. Talking to you, Todd!

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