Cool Videos: Summer ’78 short tells a different Star Wars origin story

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


Movie fandoms can lead to great things for those involved. Often, giving into your passion for cinema on some level can put you in a position to be a part of the very thing you love. Screenwriters, directors, actors and actresses, even writers like myself have all done what we can to contribute in some way to the larger conversation about film which we hold so dearly.

J.C. Reifenberg has captured where that passion and imagination can really take you with his new short film SUMMER ’78. Dipping its toes into the world of STAR WARS, Reifenberg’s film shows how George Lucas‘ franchise impacted so many of us at a young age, setting the stage for them to want to get into the crazy business of movies. They wanted to tell their own epic stories and explore strange, new worlds that previously only our action figures allowed us to do.

This is a prequel of a very different nature than we’ve seen before associated with STAR WARS, but one I think you’ll find kinda cool and incredibly clever. This is an origin story that actually makes sense and lays the groundwork for where our fandom sits today. Have fun and enjoy.

Source: YouTube

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