Cool Videos: The lost footage of Barbra Streisand in Temple of Doom

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

I’ll warn you up front that the audio and video quality of this clip is far from pristine but considering how rare this footage is, I hope you’ll appreciate nonetheless.

As the Hollywood rumor went, Barbra Streisand showed up on the set of INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and Steven Spielberg and crew hatched a plan for a little practical joke. While Harrison Ford was chained to the stone in Mola Ram’s temple, about to be whipped (with his own whip) by the giant Thuggee goon, Barbra Streisand instead stepped in wearing a dominatrix outfit and begin whipping Ford.

First I’ll show you the clip and then we’ll talk a little more about it after…


It may have been hard to see or hear at certain points but the person who interrupts the whipping and gives Ford a kiss is Carrie Fisher and the bearded man is EMPIRE STRIKES BACK director Irvin Kershner.

I apologize again for the less-than-ideal quality but before now, it wasn’t even confirmed any video existed. ( says on their trivia page it was only rumored to have been filming and on the IMDB FAQ, the answer to “Does video exist of this footage?” is NO.) This was reportedly from Steven Spielberg’s private blooper reel and was recorded off a screen, hence the grainy video and subpar audio.

Hopefully this is something that gets approved for the Blu-ray reissue of the INDIANA JONES films but considering how tightly this footage has been kept under wraps until now, it doesn’t seem likely (especially with Streisand ending with “I feel like a faggot”).

Here’s a rough transcription of what they’re saying during the clip if you had trouble following along:

Barbra Streisand: “This is for Guns of Navarone!”
Barbra Streisand: “Guns of Navarone? No…”
Harrison Ford: “For Force Ten…”
Barbra Streisand: “For Force Ten!” (Ed. note: She mean FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE not GUNS OF THE NAVARONE.)
Barbra Streisand: “This is for Hanover Street!”
Barbra Streisand: “This is for all the money you’re going to make on Return of the Jedi!”
Harrison Ford: “Who’s that?”
Carrie Fisher: “Someone who needs you!”
Irvin Kershner: “What the hell is the matter with you? Steve! Come on! I don’t believe one word you’re saying. Now come on, do it again.”
Barbra Streisand: “Give me a reason!”
Harrison Ford: “It’s the dialogue!”
Carrie Fisher: “Can I change lines?”
Irvin Kershner: “Listen.”
Carrie Fisher: “Yeah?”
Irvin Kershner: “I want you to believe what you are doing!”
Carrie Fisher: “Okay.”
Irvin Kershner: “You call that shouting? You call that pain?”
Harrison Ford: “Steven…”
Irvin Kershner: “Steve, how can you let him do this? Come on!”
Harrison Ford: “Okay ready… ready.”
Carrie Fisher: “I’ll be good, I promise.”
Irvin Kershner: “Do it again!”
Harrison Ford: “Really hit me! Really hit me this time!”
Barbra Streisand: “Okay.”
Harrison Ford: “Don’t do it with such… really hit me!”
Barbra Streisand: “I feel like a faggot…”

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