Cool Videos: Video essay on Heat puts scene and script side-by-side

HEAT is one of the great movies of the 90’s. We got Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Michael Mann and, hell, we can even give a shout out to Val Kilmer. Kinetic heist scenes, terrific performances an absorbing script all made for a tremendous thriller that has stood the test of time. But there’s one scene so good it could win an Oscar by itself: the coffee shop scene. In it Pacino and De Niro sit down for a heart-heart, the result is an expertly shot and sublimely written piece of cinema magic. It’s a scene worth dissecting, and one Vimeo blogger Vashi Nedomansky did in a very useful way by playing the scene and having alongside it Mann’s personal script bombarded with notes. You can read the script and his notes as the scene progresses, giving you a look at the classic scene in a way you never have before! Unless you're Michael Mann, in which case this would look very familiar.

Source: Vimeo

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