Coppola’s Megalopolis screens to standing O; who will buy it?

Francis Ford Coppola and his upcoming Megalopolis received a standing ovation at a special screening this week as it seeks a buyer.

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It’s still hard to believe even with the cast list, leaked set photos and official title card unveilings, but Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis is finally – and actually – coming to the big screen. In fact, it already has, as the passion project had a special screening on Thursday at Universal CityWalk IMAX Theater, with the intent to not only show off his much-anticipated film but also secure a buyer.

Ahead of the Megalopolis screening, Coppola marked the occasion by introducing the film to his audience, first referencing his first monumental success, 1972’s The Godfather: “Dear Friends, As heard from me before: ‘I believe in America.’ If I could leave you with one thought after you see my new film, it would be this: Our founders borrowed a Constitution, Roman Law, and Senate for their revolutionary government without a king, so American History could neither have taken place nor succeed as it did without classical learning to guide it.”

While Francis Ford Coppola has an extensive list of films that he never got around to making for one reason or a hundred, Megalopolis stands at the top of the mountain as the most (in)famous. With origins going back to the 1980s, funding issues got in the way, sidelining the project and essentially forcing him to take on other studio films so he could help get Megalopolis going. After other halts, Coppola finally got the funding he needed, no doubt in part to his namesake line of wines.

Based on the history and reactions – when was the last time Coppola received a standing ovation for a film? –  thus far, it does seem like everybody is finally pulling for the maestro and Megalopolis. But who will win the eventual bidding war, considering every major buyer was at the screening? For that – and their release plan – we wait. No official release date has been set, but with the buyers screening of Megalopolis a clear success, hopefully we can get word of Coppola’s film’s plan. The Cannes Film Festival in May could be a tight squeeze, but there’s also Venice in August that could offer just the sort of prestige that the director deserves. Apparently, the film runs just over two hours, without credits.

Where does Megalopolis rank in your most anticipated films of 2024? Do you think it can live up to the hype? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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