Jason Goes to Hell’s Creighton Duke to return for another battle with evil… sort of

Jason Goes to Hell director Adam Marcus and star Steven Williams are developing a Creighton Duke-inspired movie


Five years have gone by since Adam Marcus, the director of the 1993 Friday the 13th sequel Jason Goes to HellThe Final Friday (WATCH IT HERE – OWN IT HERE), first mentioned that he was interested in revisiting that film’s badass bounty hunter character Creighton Duke, who was played by Steven Williams. Marcus has been focused on putting together the documentary Hearts of Darkness: The Making of the Final Friday in recent years, but now that the documentary is almost finished, he has confirmed to Bloody Disgusting that he still intends to bring back Creighton Duke for another movie. Sort of. You see, since Duke is a Friday the 13th franchise character, Marcus doesn’t actually own the rights to use him in any other projects. So the character is going to have to have a different name – but it sounds like it’s going to be pretty obvious that he’s the same old Duke.

Marcus told Bloody Disgusting, “I can’t say it’s a Creighton Duke movie, but we’ve wanted to explore Creighton further, and we’ve come up with a way to do that. Think Creighton Duke vs. The Evil Dead in something that looks like Fulci’s Zombie.” That sounds amazing to me.

Since Jason Voorhees snapped Duke’s back near the end of Jason Goes to Hell, when we see the bounty hunter in the new movie he’ll have “a full mechanized back brace that might have all kinds of tricks up its sleeve … We’re exploring something that would be comfortable if it came out in the mid-’70s. It’s kind of like, ‘What would Quentin [Tarantino] do with Creighton Duke?’ It’s a lot of badassery.

Steven Williams is expected to reprise the role – and in fact, Williams is developing the project with Marcus.

Here’s hoping Marcus and Williams will be able to get this project into production soon, because I am very eager to see a badass bounty hunter who bears a striking resemblance to Creighton Duke take on the forces of evil in a movie that’s a ’70s throwback and reminiscent of Zombie.

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Jason Goes to Hell Creighton Duke Steven Williams

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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