Cruise meets Denzel?

Buried at the bottom of an article in the new Entertainment Weekly (you know, the one with George W. and Laura Bush on the cover) about Tom Cruise working to revitalize his career is a brief snippet about what his next film might be. The magazine says that Cruise meets with WB head Jeff Robinov every three months to discuss potential projects and Robinov is currently in discussions with Cruise and Denzel Washington to star in the political thriller THE 28TH AMENDMENT. Written by TRANSFORMERS scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the film follows a president who comes to find out the United States is actually controlled by a super secret organization who will assassinate anyone who gets in its way. Mr. President realizes his newfound information puts him at the top of the Assassination List and must fight for his right to party. Philip Noyce (THE QUIET AMERICAN, PATRIOT GAMES) is directing for the studio. The film would be the first project together for uber A-listers Cruise and Washington should WB be able to close the deal (I’d imagine it’d cost a pretty penny to get those two involved). Washington is currently filming THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 for Tony Scott while Cruise is just maxin’ and relaxin’.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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