Exclusive: Cube reboot is on hold, finding new creative direction

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Cube Jon Spaihts

Last year, we reported that a reboot of CUBE was in the works with PROMETHEUS screenwriter Jon Spaihts attached and Saman Kesh in the director's chair. However, in a recent interview with Spaihts, our own Eric Walkuski discovered that the reboot has been put on hold.

Said Spaihts:

I have been involved with it. I think it's resting right now as we look for a new creative direction, but we still are inspired by the vision of that original, independent, high-concept film. With any luck, we'll still bring a new iteration of that story to light.

When asked if Kesh was still attached to the project, he said:

To be honest, I'll have to check. I don't know.

It really doesn't sound like we'll be seeing another CUBE anytime soon, considering how completely up-in-the-air everything is. It's a shame, because I actually really like all the CUBE movies, and I think it would be totally possible to bring fresh ideas to the property. We'll keep you clued in as progress is made!

Source: Arrow in the Head

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