Danny McBride is the son of Crocodile Dundee in surprising trailer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

It's safe to say that I was certainly not expecting to witness the return of Crocodile Dundee today. Or, to be more precise, the return of Crocodile Dundee's son. The enormous success of the first CROCODILE DUNDEE film was followed by two less-successful sequels, and it seemed that the franchise was finished, until now. DUNDEE: THE SON OF A LEGEND RETURNS HOME finds Danny McBride (ALIEN: COVENANT) starring as the adventurous son of Mick Dundee, who will once again be played by Paul Hogan.

"I’m not going to lie to you," said McBride while speaking to People. "To be a real Crocodile Dundee, I think 95% of it is the vest and then 5% is just being able to not fall down and stay on your feet." Also chiming in was Paul Hogan, who praised the first CROCODILE DUNDEE as a film which has "stood the test of time," and the actor added that, "Throughout the past few years, I’ve been thinking about how to bring Dundee to a new generation. I’m excited to introduce the new Crocodile Dundee to the world and look forward to sharing more news about those involved very soon." I expect we'll be hearing more DUNDEE: THE SON OF A LEGEND RETURNS HOME soon, especially as the project will be arriving this summer.

Source: People

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