David Morrissey will be the Governor in season three of The Walking Dead

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

There aren’t many outright villains in “The Walking Dead” but undoubtedly the worst of the bunch is a character named The Governor. Introduced in issue 27, he’s the leader of another group of survivors, one that places a large emphasis on entertainment, of sorts. 

When the show started rumors immediately spread of who would eventually play the Governor- names like Danny Trejo, John Hawkes, even Tom Savini (who would have been perfect, in my opinion) were bandied about. But now he’s been cast, and ready to go for the third season.

David Morrissey is not a huge name on this side of the pond just yet, but you might have seen him in films like CENTURION, THE REAPING and RED RIDING, among many others, and he recently finished shooting WELCOME TO THE PUNCH with James McAvoy and Mark Strong.

The 16 episodes of the third season begin production this Spring in Atlanta. Now the debate begins- is The Governor going to be British? (The Guvna?) Andrew Lincoln does a halfway decent American accent, after all…

Source: AMC

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