Death Race: Beyond Anarchy finally hits Blu-ray this October

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Originally, it was Universal's plan to release the fourth entry in the DEATH RACE series way the f*ck back in January. But then in early January, the studio removed the movie from its release schedule. Not only that, but DEATH RACE: BEYOND ANARCHY's solo release was removed along with a 4-movie DEATH RACE franchise collection.

But no worries all you DEATH RACE fans out there, today, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment in association with Impact Pictures/Chestnut Productions announced the next installment of the popular franchise hits Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand this October. 

Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital include exclusive bonus features including special behind-the-scenes footage and filmmaker commentary. Additionally, Death Race: Complete 4-Movie Collection will also be available on DVD on October 2, 2018. 

Here are all the special features:

Audio commentary with director/co-writer Don Michael Paul and star Zach McGowan

Inside the Anarchy making-of featurette

Time Served: Lists & Goldberg featurette with Fred Koehler and Danny Trejo

On the Streets of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy stunts featurette

Starring Danny Trejo, Fred Koehler, Zach McGowan, Danny Glover, Christine Marzano, Terence Maynard, and Velislav Pavlov, BEYOND ANARCHY has the following synopsis:

Danny Trejo returns as the ruthless bookie, Goldberg, in the wildest, bloodiest, Death Race ever. After a failed attack on inmate and legendary driver, Frankenstein, Black Ops specialist Connor Gibson (McGowan) infiltrates a super-maximum federal prison with one goal – enter the immoral and illegal Death Race and take Frankenstein down. Connor enlists the help of Baltimore Bob (Glover) and Lists (Koehler), and unexpectedly falls in love with bartending beauty, Jane (Marzano). Connor will have to fight for more than his life in this brutal world of no guards, no rules, no track, and no fear.

Directed by TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES' Don Michael Paul (who also directed TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL), DEATH RACE: BEYOND ANARCHY is the third sequel to Paul W.S. Anderson's DEATH RACE, which was itself a remake of the Roger Corman production DEATH RACE 2000.

DEATH RACE: BEYOND ANARCHY hits Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand October 2, 2018. Additionally, the Complete 4-Movie Collection will also be available on DVD on October 2, 2018.

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