My Bloody Valentine 2: the sequel that never happened

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Valentine's Day seems like the perfect time to share this news. Nothing like talk of a MY BLOODY VALENTINE sequel to get the blood pumping on this special day. Too bad it's all talk that never turned into reality… yeah, sucks, right?

But all the same, website Terror Trap has an interview with the original 1980's MY BLOODY VALENTINE (which was conducted around the time the remake was released) in which the original flick's creators talk about the sequel that never was THE RETURN OF THE MINER!

Talking to the site, Producer John Dunning says:

When there were talks to revisit My Bloody Valentine, I had written a sequel, which they bought…only to shelve it.  In the sequel, the girl that survived (Lori Hallier) married the boy survivor (Paul Kelman) and she became the town’s Chief of Police. And he became a drunk. They would have been the two main characters that maintained the action.

There WERE young actors in my script too, because this couple had sons. And the sons were the same age as the kids in the first one. They were typical young guys, hooking up with girls of their own age and going into the mines for sex, etc.

In a separate interview, the site asked MY BLOODY VALENTINE director George Mihalka, if he would be directly involved if the sequel continued to move forward, Mihalka replied:

Yeah, I would very much be involved. Also, John is absolutely right that part of the cachet of a sequel would be to get as many of the original cast members back as possible. From a sequel standpoint, you've got several key players who survived the first picture. You'd have Axel, you've got T.J., you've got Sarah… 

The site then mentions how producer John Dunning wanted to use footage from the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE – which had been famously cut from the film via the MPAA –  in this proposed sequel in the form of nightmare/flashback sequences.

The last time I spoke to him, that's what he's intending to do. Or that's what he'd like to do. From what I understand, he's going to have a screenplay to show me real soon.

And finally the site goes on to say that Dunning told them the sequel would find

…the little town has decided to turn the old mine into a carnival attraction complete with a Mine of Terror thrill ride. And surrounding the ride are theme concessions selling masks, miner helmets, toy pick axes, t-shirts, etc. 

Sounds all around pretty damn cool to me. I love the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE and I enjoyed the hell out of the remake MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D. Now I have to ask, if these two slasher flicks are on their own beloved by genre fans world-wide, why is it we have not seen a sequel to either of the flicks?

Hurm. The mind reels. Someone needs to scoop up these rights and start a new slasher franchise, ala SAW, that ever Valentine's Day we get a new MY BLOODY SEQUEL.

But that is too cool of an idea, and makes way too much sense.


Source: Terror Trap

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