Dexter revival adds Marcos Siega to direct six episodes

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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News of Showtime's revival of Dexter as a 10-episode limited series was probably one of the biggest stories to hit in the last month and now we know that a name familiar with the show will be bringing his directorial skills back to the series. It has been announced that Marcos Siega, who directed nine episodes of the original series, will be returning to helm six of the 10 new episodes.

The Dexter revival seems to what to stick with familiarity as it sets up its return. Michael C. Hall is, of course, returning in the titular role while longtime showrunner Clyde Phillips is also coming back. Siega, in addition to directing the six episodes, will also executive produce alongside Phillips and Hall, as well as John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, and Scott Reynolds. Production is expected to start early next year with Showtime eyeing a release of the revival next fall.

Siega does have an impressive television directing resume to go along with his work on Dexter. His credits include HBO's True Blood, Kevin Bacon's genre series The Following, and The CW's Batwoman pilot. Most recently, Siega also worked on the new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant which stars Kaley Cuoco.

I'm really looking forward to the Dexter revival even though one of my biggest television betrayals was how the original show ended. That finale damn near ruined the whole show for me but in the years since I have mostly forgotten about it and have fondly remembered the good time. I heard that the revival won't undo the polarizing series finale but maybe it will leave a better taste in my mouth once it wraps up.

Are YOU looking forward to the Dexter revival?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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