Dexter: New Blood will continue, focusing on Dexter’s son Harrison

The Dexter revival Dexter: New Blood will continue on Showtime, shifting the focus to Dexter’s son Harrison

Last week, it was said that Showtime wouldn’t be ordering another season of the Dexter revival Dexter: New Blood – which made a lot of sense, given what happened in the season finale. Clyde Phillips, who served as showrunner on the first four seasons of Dexter and on Dexter: New Blood, said he would be interested in working on a show called Harrison, which would follow the story of Dexter’s son… and now People reports that Phillips is going to have the chance to tell a story that revolves around Harrison. But apparently the show isn’t going to be called Harrison. Instead, it’s being referred to as “a new version” of Dexter: New Blood. So Dexter: New Blood will continue after all, with the new season set to depict the ongoing emergence of Dexter’s son Harrison.

As we reported yesterday, Showtime has also ordered a Dexter prequel series called Dexter: Origins, which will “see young Dexter Morgan at the outset of his transition into the avenging serial killer he would become. It will begin as Dexter graduates college to join Miami Metro, where he meets younger versions of many of the characters we came to know in the original Dexter.” They’re also interested in developing more Dexter-related shows, with possibilities including “spinoffs that trace the back stories of some of the show’s most iconic characters. This includes John Lithgow’s memorable Trinity Killer.”

Phillips is on board to oversee the entire Dexter franchise for Showtime.

Showtime’s Chris McCarthy provided the following statement: “The Dexter saga has been an undeniable creative and popular success for Showtime, both in its original, groundbreaking form and the record-setting Dexter: New Blood. The series is a rich foundation for other shows in the lane of complex, subversive antiheroes that Showtime has always done so brilliantly. Clyde is deep into compelling stories and characters that will satisfy the cravings of our multifaceted audience.

Phillips added: “I couldn’t be more excited about exploring and expanding the universe of Dexter. It’s a privilege to contemplate going even deeper with these complex and iconic characters – and the stories, themes and possibilities they inspire. I’m thrilled that Chris and my friends at Showtime want me to help them grow this truly unique and amazingly successful franchise.

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Source: People

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