Diaries gets pushed up

When I used to work at Indigo Books and Music THE NANNY DIARIES was a huge seller. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I remember reading the back cover (because who reads actual books anymore) and thinking that this would make for a great film. And now, five years later, that film is finally upon us, and we’ll get to see it sooner than we thought.

The film’s had a rather turbulent release date history. Initially, it was slated to come out on April 20th, but then was pushed back to September 7th for awards contention, according to Harvey Weinstein. But now it’s suddenly moved up to August 24th, otherwise known as the summer doldrums, otherwise known as a dump week. This is rather curious, considering the movie stars Scarlett Johansson (the one with the amazing cleavage), Laura Linney, and Chris Evans, not to mention the fact that it’s based on a best-seller. This new release date might mean that the studio has no confidence in its own product, but maybe they just wanted to liberate it from any serious competition. Although now its competition includes GOOD LUCK CHUCK, RESURRECTING THE CHAMP, and THE HOTTEST STATE. Hm, maybe it’s not a dump week after all. Either way, the true motive behind this move remains a mystery. Any ideas?

Source: /Film

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