Dick Tracy: Warren Beatty finally gives us a long awaited sequel. . . sort of

TCM airs an unannounced Dick Tracy special that features a return of Beatty in character for a bizarre zoom call.

Kids of the ’90s were fascinated with the movie Dick Tracy when it first came out. For one thing, they could get away with saying “Dick” because of the title. For another, here was a comic strip property that had the stylization of Tim Burton’s Batman that had previously hit, ultimately under the guise of a James Cagney-esque, noir-ish, gangsters vs. cops movie. Warren Beatty would star as the titular hero as well as direct it. And 33 years later, the legendary actor finally gives us a bizarre “sequel” to the movie, according to Polygon.

On Friday, TCM, a prestigious classic movie channel, aired what looked like something more akin to Adult Swim, with Beatty returning in character as Dick Tracys zoom calls with current TCM host Ben Mankiewicz and movie critic Leonard Maltin. Let me say that again — Dick Tracy zooms in an apparent sequel to the 1990 film. The TCM special, called Dick Tracy Special: Tracy Zooms In, found Beatty as Tracy giving his thoughts on the film.

In the zoom, Dick Tracy cheekily gives notes to Warren Beatty as he portrays him, “Fighting crime is serious!” He would go on to compare Beatty to Ralph Byrd, who previously portrayed Tracy in serials, TV, and movies throughout the 20th century. Tracy would even complain about Beatty cutting him out of his life. In order to rectify the situation, Malton and Mankiewicz call up Beatty to meet with Tracy.

Warren Beatty joins the foray and proceeds to bicker with Tracy as he confronts him. The special is bizarre and seemingly out of nowhere. However, it is being said that Beatty may be doing this special in order to keep the rights to the Dick Tracy property. Beatty had purchased the rights when he wanted to make the initial film. With the genre of comic book movies and brand name franchises dominating the marquees at the theaters nowadays, one has to wonder if Beatty plans on rebooting the series for a newer generation with a fresh take.

The 1990 film sported a huge cast with Al Pacino, Madonna, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Sorvino, Dick Van Dyke, and William Forsythe. It may have not done huge numbers, but it is a wonder we never got a sequel or follow-up at all. Well, until now…


Source: Polygon

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