Die Hard 5 gets a new director and takes McClane to Russia

What is yippie-ki-yay in Russian? Twitch is reporting that the upcoming fifth installment of the DIE HARD franchise will have John McClane going global and stopping an international terrorist in Russia. The film will reunite McClane and his son (who was noticeably absent from LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) who are traveling to Russia and become involved in a conflict with local forces. So to recap, McClane has gone from LA to Washington, DC to New York City to all of America now to the whole world. Up next: John McClane saves the universe!

In addition to a new locale, DIE HARD 5 is also getting a new director. Back in February, it was announced that Noam Murro would be directing DIE HARD 5 but just a few weeks back, Murro opted to direct the 300 prequel XERXES instead. Now Fox has hired Irish director John Moore (MAX PAYNE) to take over the gig. UPDATE: Deadline now reports that Joe Cornish (ATTACK THE BLOCK), Justin Lin and Nicolas Winding Refn are all on the shortlist with Moore who has yet to get the gig. Who’s your favorite choice?

Moore is no stranger to Fox, having directed only four films (PAYNE, THE OMEN, FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX and BEHIND ENEMY LINES) all for the studio, but hasn’t directed a film in three years. Willis just wrapped MOONRISE KINGDOM for Wes Anderson and is currently filming indie drama FIRE WITH FIRE. No word yet on when DIE HARD 5 will begin filming.

Source: Twitch, Deadline

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