Dirty Work

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Director: Bob Saget
Writer: Frank Sebastiano, Norm McDonald, Fred Wolf
Producers: Robert Simonds
Norm McDonald
Artie Lange
Jack Warden
Two life-long losers, who need $50,000 in a jiffy to save the life of their whore-loving Pops, start a business in the only service in which they consider themselves to be experts: Revenge-for-hire!
This film stars a man whose humor I’ve always found to be funny, Norm McDonald. It’s also peppered with plenty of other comedian cameos, an interesting premise, but unfortunately, doesn’t deliver as many laughs as you might expect. Is it because “America’s Funniest Videos” host Bob Saget is at the helm? I doubt it. He’s actually much funnier in real life than any of his corny lines from the show might indicate.

And in that respect, this film is actually mined with a lot of dry, sarcastic humor and plenty of Normisms (He likes to mention crack, anal sex and whores a lot!). But overall, it just seemed to lack any real interest in their phony plight, and didn’t provide enough good jokes to sustain anything more than a half hour TV program. Of all the cameos, I thought the Don Rickles one was the best, while Chris Farley deserved much more than his two-bit stint. So if you don’t go into this film expecting a laugh-out riot, you might just be slightly entertained by a self-conscious Norm McDonald basically playing himself. On the other hand, it goes without saying that if you never enjoyed the man’s humor in the first place, you will not appreciate this movie either. Real fans only. Overall, an inferior hit-and-miss SNL sketch gone long.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Dirty Work



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