Disney announces Onward, a new and original Pixar movie

Sound the trumpets, load the fortress cannons with fairy dust, and wheel out the fireworks, because Pixar has officially announced their next animated film ONWARD, which stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. Set for a March 6, 2020 release, ONWARD is being helmed by MONSTERS UNIVERSITY director-writer Dan Scanlon. While details about Pixar's mysterious new project are scarce at this time, we do know that ONWARD will be a new and wholly original idea from the studio that brought us such animated classics as the TOY STORY franchise, UP, COCO, INSIDE OUT, THE INCREDIBLES movies, and much more.

Included in the announcement is a confirmation that SEINFELD and VEEP alumna Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as well as HIDDEN FIGURES and THE SHAPE OF WATER actress Octavia Spencer, will be joining Pratt and Holland for a tale that focuses on "two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there." As you're likely to have guessed, Pratt and Holland will star as the two elven brothers.

Up next for Pixar is the release of TOY STORY 4, starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves, Michael Keaton, Joan Cusack, Annie Potts, Bonnie Hunt, Laurie Metcalf, Jordan Peele, Kristen Schaal, and Keegan Michael-Key, among several others. Picking up after the heart-stabbing conclusion of TOY STORY 3, the sequel finds Woody and the gang joined by a new plaything named "Forky," for a road trip into parts unknown. Promotional materials for the film have hinted that the toys will find themselves visiting a carnival-like atmosphere at some point in the film, where they'll meet a raft of new characters – some of which will likely join them in their new home before the group's latest adventure comes to an end.

Pixar's ONWARD is scheduled for a March, 6, 2020 release. Meanwhile, TOY STORY 4, as directed by Josh Cooley (RATATOUILLE, CARS) will arrive on June 21, 2019.

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