Disney is making their own live-action version of Peter Pan

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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No one is asking for another PETER PAN movie. No one. After assaulting audiences with some different take on the character every few years and having audiences soundly reject every single one of them, with PAN over at Warner Bros. being the latest, you'd think that the studios would have gotten the message by now – please, for the love of God, no more PETER PAN. 

Then again, if anyone is up for the challenge of turning this tired property into a winner once again, it'd be Disney, wouldn't it? The company that seemingly prints money right now with their big screen ventures and is on a roll with live-action reimaginings of stories very much in line with PETER PAN is indeed taking their shot. The Mouse is sprinkling a bit of pixie dust on the boy who wouldn't grow up in an attempt to get a movie off the ground with director David Lowery at the helm of the film he'll also be co-writing with his PETE'S DRAGON collaborator Toby Halbrooks. Hmmm… someone must be high on what they have with PETE'S DRAGON and someone believes this might actually work. Given Disney's track record with live-action reinterpretations – ALICE IN WONDERLAND, MALEFICENT, THE JUNGLE BOOK, etc. – who could blame them?


Source: Deadline

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