Disney spared no expense on Valkyrie’s wig for Thor: Ragnarok

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

By now, every film studio knows that if one of your actors is meant to where a wig that it had better be a damn good one. After all, a quality rug can really tie a room together, can it not? Recently while speaking with the Huffington Post about a wig-related conundrum on the set of SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, director/wrter Boots Riley revealed to the outlet that Disney spared no expense when outfitting THOR: RAGNAROK star Tessa Thompson with a lavished hairpiece during reshoots of Taika Waititi's Marvel movie.

You see, after filming the bulk of THOR: RAGNAROK, Thompson moved on to star as Detroit for Riley's comedic fantasy film, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU. In Sorry, Detroit is depicted as a woman with relatively short, neon orange curls, which is a far cry from Valkyrie's long, raven-colored locks. So, when it came time for Thompson to return to the set of THOR: RAGNAROK for reshoots, Disney was tasked with covering up Detroit's signature look. What made the situation even more difficult was that Thompson was made to bounce between sets, essentially using her weekdays to film Sorry and her weekends participating in reshoots for Ragnarok. So, rather than risk a potential wig-out from Marvel fans, Disney spent a total of … I hope you're sitting down … $10,000 on a supreme hairpiece for Thompson's Valkyrie! $10,000, Disney? You know, I've got some student loan dept that you could throw some money at, if you'd like?

It turns out that while Disney was less than jazzed about the expenditure, Taika Waititi barely gave it a second thought. In fact, when Riley tried to apologize for the situation, the SORRY TO BOTHER YOU helmer said “He [Waititi] was like, ‘It’s not my money!’” Ha ha ha! Attah boy, Waititi, you take that mouse to the bank!

Do you think that the $10,000 was money well spent? What would you do with that sort of cash, provided that you weren't in need of a wondrous wig? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Huffington Post

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