Dragon Wars 2??

While the serpentine hostilities of DRAGON WARS didn’t exactly arrive at the US box office with the thunder of a giant scaly horde, it has apparently generated enough global cheddar for the filmmakers to start mentioning a sequel.

Though it took seemingly forever to complete and is still shy of its rumored budget by a considerable margin, D-WAR could get a follow-up sooner than anyone who saw the first one might imagine. The original film’s Korean director Shim Hyung-rae claims that the sequel is being discussed for a potential 2009 release date, assuming Jason Behr can clear his busy schedule (speculation mine).

In case you missed it in theaters (and unless you live in Asia, where the film brought in over $50 million, it’s safe to assume you did), the cheesy FX onslaught involves ancient mythical creatures who attack Los Angeles, conveniently providing work for unsuspecting actors.

Source: Hancinema

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