DVDClinic is live!!

The final section of the JoBlo.com Movie Network is now in place,
as our last piece of the puzzle, the DVD
makes its way online today. Our newly expanded DVD
CLINIC is now a sub-site of its own, much like the ARROW
and MYJOBLO, each of which
represent another section of the movie world that we here at
JoBlo.com will be covering going forward. So what can one find in
the DVD CLINIC? Plenty, but let’s focus on the basics first:

: Just like on JoBlo.com, ArrowintheHead.com and
Moviehotties.com, the DVDClinic.com will feature daily news articles
featuring the latest news from the world of DVDs, including all of
the latest DVD covers, release dates, specs and more. Our very own
Johnny Moreno will be heading that news section from now on.

DVD REVIEWS: The site will feature all of the latest DVD
reviews for JoBlo.com, including more Blu-Ray and HD-DVD reviews, as
well as more TV show reviews, as well as all of the DVD reviews from
ARROW IN THE HEAD DVD section entitled THE DVD
. Basically,
you’re gonna get a ton of DVD reviews! (we already have an archive
of over 2000….)

: As one of the most popular sections of
our site, we’ve moved our expanded DVD RELEASE DATES section over to
the CLINIC, and will now include many BLU-RAY and HD-DVD release
dates as well.

: This forum has already been a
mainstay on our movie discussion board, but it’s now a part of the
DVD CLINIC as well. Anyone who wants to discuss DVDs or HOME THEATER
knows where to go. Furthermore, all of our DVD news articles will
have the STRIKE BACK feature just like on JoBlo.com, so anyone can
also respond and add their comments to the latest news articles as

: You dig our theatrical BOX-OFFICE section on
JoBlo.com, and now you get to enjoy the SALES CHARTS over at the DVD
CLINIC, including the TOP 10 DVD RENTALS every week, including their
totals, as well as DVD SALES figures (Note: If anyone knows a good
site which provides specific DVD SALES figures, please drop us an
email and advise).

FEATURES/COLUMNS: As per the rest of our sites, the DVD
CLINIC will also feature a ton of ongoing DVD COLUMNS including:

    our resident DVD expert anything related to DVDs, home theater
    and anything else you might think is relevant and interesting to
    others. This should be a weekly feature.
  • AWFULLY GOOD: Every week,
    our reviewers will tackle a movie that is SO BAD, that it’s
    actually worth watching…with alcohol and your funny bones
    ready to blast off. And yes, this column will feature a DRINKING
    GAME to boot.
    week, our man will concentrate a full column on a director of
    choice, going over the BEST and WORST from that specific helmer,
    as well as their style/trademarks and upcoming projects.
  • FANBOY HEAVEN: This column
    will concentrate on our fans, the readers a.k.a. the FANBOYS!
    Every week, we will feature someone’s DVD, POSTER, TOY
    collections, including all pictures or videos that you can
    provide us. If you’re interested in us featuring any of your
    cool FANBOY SWAG on our site, email us at [email protected].

Source: DVDClinic.com