Samara Weaving to get behind the wheel and put the pedal to the metal for the heist thriller Eenie Meanie

Samara Weaving and Karl Glusman buckle up for Eenie Meanie, a heist thriller about a getaway driver pulled into her dark past.

Eenie Meanie, Samara Weaving, Karl Glusman

Samara Weaving (Ready or NotThe BabysitterGuns Akimbo) is buckling up for 20th Century Studios forthcoming heist thriller Eenie Meanie. Sitting shotgun for the project is Karl Glusman (Civil WarThe Neon DemonNocturnal Animals), with writer-director Shawn Simmons (The ContinentalNow We’re TalkingWayne) at the helm. Producing the fast-paced thriller is Deadpool franchise alums Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

In Eenie Meanie, Samara Weaving plays Edie, “a former teenage getaway driver who is dragged back into her unsavory past when a former employer offers her a chance to save the life of her chronically unreliable ex-boyfriend.” (via Deadline)

Glusman hits the pavement as John, Edie’s recurrent boyfriend. Despite their differences, Edie feels compelled to pull John out of the flames of a terrible situation.

As one of my favorite actors in the business today, Samara Weaving is a force of nature. For some of her best performances, check out Joe Lynch’s Mayhem. The 2017 action-comedy is like Office Space meets The Raid and is a must-watch. McG’s The Babysitter is a delightful horror film showcasing Weaving’s talents, which she brings in spades to 2019’s Ready or Not. Then there’s Guns Akimbo, an off-the-wall action film starring Weaving as a crazed killer pursuing Daniel Radcliffe’s Miles, an average guy with loaded guns nailed to his hands.

Weaving’s upcoming film list is intense, with projects like E.L. Katz’s action-horror film Angel of Death and Jimmy Warden’s Borderline already in the can. Angel of Death takes place in a world where no one speaks, and a devout female hunts down a young woman who has escaped her imprisonment. Recaptured by its ruthless leaders, Azrael (Weaving) is due to be sacrificed to appease an ancient evil deep within the surrounding wilderness. For Borderline, a bodyguard protects a pop superstar and her athlete boyfriend from a determined stalker in 1990s Los Angeles.

You can catch Karl Glusman in Alex Garland’s upcoming action film Civil War, which is coming to theaters on April 12. The film depicts a journey across a dystopian future America, following a team of military-embedded journalists as they race against time to reach DC before rebel factions descend upon the White House. Civil War features Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Nick Offerman, Jesse Plemons, Jin Ha, Sonoya Mizuno, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and more.

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Source: Deadline

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