Eli Roth is still developing a sequel to The Green Inferno

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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We may still be going BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO. The sequel to Eli Roth's Italian cannibal movie homage THE GREEN INFERNO was announced back in September of 2013, right on the heels of THE GREEN INFERNO's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. At the time it sounded like BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO would be heading into production very soon, but clearly there were delays, just like the release of THE GREEN INFERNO itself was delayed. It didn't get a wide theatrical release until two years after its sequel was announced.

With THE GREEN INFERNO having run into so much trouble, it would be understandable if you had been thinking that the follow-up was dead in the water, even though the ending of THE GREEN INFERNO was wide open for a sequel. But now an article on The Wrap indicates that there's still life in the project. While sharing the news that Roth will be producing a short based on a one sentence movie pitch by contest winner Solon Papageorgio for Crypt TV and Movie Pilot, (the pitch – "I didn’t have to outrun the serial killer; I just had to outrun my friend running beside me."), article writer Matt Donnelly included something of a status update on BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO with a throwaway line: 

(Roth) is currently in development on a sequel to his slacktivism slasher film “The Green Inferno.”

That's all we have to go on for now. When BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO was first announced, it was said that Roth's AFTERSHOCK director Nicolas Lopez would be taking the helm, directing from a script that Roth and Lopez had written with AFTERSHOCK / THE GREEN INFERNO co-writer Guillermo Amoedo. Since then, Roth, Lopez, and Amoedo also wrote KNOCK KNOCK together, and Amoedo has written and directed THE STRANGER.

So Roth's cannibals may be coming back for seconds after all. Are you ready to go BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO?

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Source: TheWrap

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