Euphoria: Zendaya-led HBO series is the most tweeted about show of the decade

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Euphoria has been both a critical and ratings success with its current second season topping viewership of its first season start. The series has also been a huge presence on social media with the show frequently trending on Twitter the night that a new episode airs. Now Twitter is confirming that, out of all the big TV shows of the last two years, Euphoria is the most tweeted about series of the year and decade so far in the United States.

As the series is heading into its season two finale tonight, Twitter revealed that tweets about the second season have hit a massive 30 million. That represents an increase of around 50% compared to the number of interactions during its premiere season in 2019.

In other information gathered by Twitter, certain characters from the series have been getting a lot of focus from fans. These characters include Zendaya’s Rue Bennett, Angus Cloud’s Fezco, and Jacob Elordi’s Nate Jacobs. There have also been over 270,000 tweets using the hashtag #FexiHive, relating to the relationship between Lexi and Fezco. Twitter’s Jenna Ross had this to say about Euphoria’s success on the platform:

“From hilarious memes to plot predictions and fashion inspiration, Euphoria has dominated Twitter this season. The show has built a strong community of dedicated fans who not only root for their favorite characters and scenes, but also openly voice their frustrations and fears, especially as it relates to the fate of characters.”

Euphoria is a look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex, and violence. It’s loosely based on the Israeli series of the same name and creator Sam Levinson based the series on his own experiences as a teenager, including his struggles with depression, anxiety, and drug addiction. While some critics were critical of the show’s depiction of teenage drug use, sex, and violence, most of them praised the show for its honest performances, visual style, and its unflinching portrayal of a subject matter involving teens that most would ignore or sugarcoat.

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Source: Twitter

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